Strategic Counseling

Because litigation is often expensive, can be incredibly disruptive to the litigants' business affairs and does not guarantee a favorable result, we stress the importance of developing, and then maintaining, a sound strategy when considering litigation or when being drawn into litigation. If you or your company is faced with a critical business decision that could potentially lead to future litigation, or if you or your company is involved in litigation, we can give you a realistic assessment of your rights and potential liabilities and help you figure out how best to proceed in the face of risk.

We also counsel clients that are anticipating, or involved with, disputes regarding contractual matters. We assist with the interpretation and enforcement of commercial agreements and joint venture agreements, including leases, purchase agreements, partnership agreements. We have also assisted clients with the interpretation of municipal, county and state ordinances and zoning ordinances.

To learn more about our strategic counseling services, feel free to contact our office to schedule an appointment.

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